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Green Superheroes

With dire warnings about climate change, global warming, and the threat from carbon emissions, renewable energy is to the fore of many people’s minds. What the world needs, therefore, are Green Superheroes.

The Hulk

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What You Need to Know More About The Hulk Superhero

You are surely familiar with the hulk since it has become one of the top movie options for many individuals all around the world. If you wonder to know more about this superhero character, then you can read this article. So, what do you already know about the death of hulk? In the comic book Hulk: The End published in August 2002 is told if the condition of this earth has been destroyed and there is no longer a living human, except Bruce Banner and himself another who is often called the Hulk. In this position, Bruce had become an old man, but with the Hulk, Bruce always survived the danger that confronted him.Those who love like this do not even think about how to repeat it. For 200 years, Hulk with Banner wandering the earth that is not inhabited by humans. Until finally, Bruce asks Hulk to let him die after meeting the enemy colonies. Finally, Hulk continued his solitude on earth without ever changing into Bruce Banner.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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The First Sketch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In simple words, teenage mutant ninja turtles is a fictional story about four mutant tortoises trained by their Grand Master Splinter to become an advanced ninja hero. As we all know, it ever becomes entertain people in cartoon version and then comes back on the big screen in the form of a reboot of his classic story. Perhaps, you are one of those who love these superheroes whether in cartoon version or the movie one. For your information, it was started from a simple sketch. Two artists, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, had an idea of a turtle in November 1983. Starting with Eastman's fancy, he drew a turtle that stood with two legs and wore a mask on his arm. Laird laughed and continued the tortoise with a much nicer version. Then Eastman drew a few more turtles with his own ninja weapons and Laird added the Teenage Mutant words before the Ninja Turtles until they finally finished their first sketch. Both struggled to continue this concept in their comic and decided to name each of these green ninjas who originally had Japanese names. They then replaced it with the names of the past artists, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo.

Green Arrow

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Green Arrow: How Oliver Queen Fights the Crims

When talking about Green Arrow, you may wonder about the tv series namely arrow. Well, the series is based on DC Comics Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), a super-costume hero, a crime-fighting culprit with bow & arrows. The series tells Oliver Queen, a billion-year-old post-mortem playboy on a remote island, returning home armed with bow & arrows to quell crime in Star City as a secret vigilante named Green Arrow. In addition, Arrow premiere in North America on October 10, 2012, and its international broadcasting took place at the end of 2012. The series received many positive reviews from critics, averaged 3.68 million viewers during the first season, and won numerous awards and nominations. So, do you prefer the comic than the tv series or vice versa? If you just watched the series and want to know more about the comic then you can do the online review or at least continue to read this article until the last word. Many people know that the green arrow is one of most popular superhero. However, his popularity was never as apparent in the beginning of his distribution. Due to his colorful character, he was not taken seriously much like Aquaman. Morton Weisinger created Oliver Queen as a very rich person playboy deliberately because of his esteem for Batman. At the time both Batman and Green Arrow were on various dispersion organizations and More Fun included (with Weisinger endorsement) components that equaled Batman. In time Green Arrow would have innovation, for example, the Arrow Car, Arrow Jet, and reinforced suits/devices. Oliver Queen has various different types of arrows, from smoke, electric, bomb, to harness in order to fight the crime. Do you like this superhero character? The green arrow is also known as the first hero killing people. On the other words, he was one of the first protagonists to kill criminals.

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